What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing [SMM] is an art of building your brand authority and presence on several social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. The majority of people correlate Social Media Marketing with Search Engine Optimization [SEO], but they are completely different. Social Media Marketing [SMM] involves improving your brand awareness, building relations with prospect customers, using social channels for better lead generation, traffic, conversions, user subscriptions, and more.

Why Does Your Business Need Social Media Marketing?

Before the era of social networks, people used to build sites and perform SEO to get targeted traffic. As search engines were the prime source of information in those days, people used to search information and data for their queries on the web and use mail information for sharing. The launch of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and other social networks has revolutionized the web world and has almost become a part of life.

It is estimated that more than 80% of the adult population in the world uses social media daily, for communication, information sharing, entertainment, and more. Sites like Facebook have more than 1 billion users worldwide. With such a large set of users it is impossible to ignore the power of social media. It has become a priority for every business to use social media marketing techniques for building brand awareness and trust online. You can think of it as optimizing a website and it’s content in relationship to sharing across social media networking sites.

How Can Social Media Marketing Help Improve Your Business?

With the increasing popularity of social networks, customers are now using user’s recommendations across social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for business information, shopping, and more.  Business, product, and service information, shared by friends and colleagues across social networks sites, is considered as useful and trustworthy.

But now the question may rise, how does SMM help to improve your business?  Let’s take a look.

Whenever a user shares a webpage on any social network, that webpage gets exposure to new users, resulting in more traffic, new customers and a boost in brand awareness. When web pages are shared (using the right social media strategy) on several social media channels they get desired targeted traffic and act as a source for brand awareness among users. That’s how social media marketing can help your business by improving your site traffic and brand awareness online and thus helping you to establish your business online.

How Can Power Marketing International Help You to Improve Your Business?

Power Marketing International is a professional Internet marketing firm helping clients to establish their web presence online via unique social media strategies. We offer a variety of services for social media marketing for Facebook promotion, Pinterest, Google +, Twitter, LinkedIn, and much more. Our team has expertise in SMM and has been delivering excellent results over the past 7 years. Our aim is to deliver the  “best of the best” service to our clients.

Our Social Media Features:


There are over 1 billion users on Facebook worldwide.  At Power Marketing International we will promote your Facebook business page and will analyze your competitors’ promotion strategy to get the best traffic.  This will help you to improve your brand awareness, social traffic, new customers and an overall boost in website traffic.


Twitter can be used as a powerful tool for lead generation and customer retention. Our professionals will promote your site on Twitter by improving the twitter profile followers, gaining traffic, targeting new customers and much more.


An Image is Worth more than a Thousand Words” and that is 100% true. When it comes to images Pinterest is the biggest game in town, making it one of the largest image sharing platforms on the web today. At Power Marketing International we work to give you the best of Pinterest traffic. Sharing your website images on Pinterest will give your site a whole new set of viewers which will improve the number of new visitors to your website. Moreover, sharing images on Pinterest makes your site images popular and sharable across other social networks thus improving the overall site health and traffic.

Google Plus:

Google plus is a new player in social media and is gaining huge popularity day by day. As it is a Google social network, having your business on Google plus will help you to improve site ranking. Our SMM experts will work to improve your Google plus profile for best results.


LinkedIn is a social media site for working professional and entrepreneurs. At Power Marketing International we work to improve your professional relations with people in your industry via LinkedIn.

Which Social Media Marketing Package is Right for Your Business?

The experts at Power Marketing International can help you decide which Social Media Marketing package is right for you. Take a look below to familiarize yourself with our Social Media Marketing packages and then click the “FREE QUOTE” button, at bottom right, to find out how our experts can help your business succeed and prosper.

Facebook Social Media Marketing

Lead Control Dominate Rule
description of Facebook Account Setup Facebook Account Setup
Description of Facebook Business Profile Setup Facebook Business Profile Setup
description of Cover Image & Profile PictureCover Image & Profile Picture
Description of Facebook Fan page CreationFacebook Business page Creation
description of Increase Fan LikesIncrease Fan Likes
Description of Increase Facebook FriendsIncrease Facebook Friends
description of Monthly Wall PostingMonthly Wall Posting
Description of Create Facebook GroupsCreate Facebook Groups
description of Run Facebook Contest Run Facebook Contest
Description of Polls and Events CreationPolls and Events Creation
description of Fan Page Social SharingBusiness Page Social Sharing
Description of Facebook Ads ManagementFacebook Ads Management

Twitter Social Media Marketing

Lead Control Dominate Rule
description of Twitter Account Set UpTwitter Account Set Up
Description of Twitter Profile Set UpTwitter Profile Set Up
description of Twitter Background & Profile PictureTwitter Background & Profile Picture
Description of Posting on Twitter wallPosting on Twitter wall
description of Twitter Following Twitter Following
Description of Increase Facebook FriendsKeyword Based Tweets
description of Twitter Followers Twitter Followers

Google+ Social Media Marketing

Lead Control Dominate Rule
description of Business Page CreationBusiness Page Creation
Description of Google+ Background & Profile PictureGoogle+ Background & Profile Picture
description of Posting on Google+ wallPosting on Google+ wall
Description of Following/Add to Circles Following/Add to Circles
description of Join Relevant Communities  Join Relevant Communities
Description of Sharing in Communities Sharing in Communities
description of Keyword Based Posts Keyword Based Posts

Pinterest Social Media Marketing

Lead Control Dominate Rule
description of Account CreationAccount Creation
Description of Pin Board CreationPin Board Creation
description of Pin Images (images provided by client) Pin Images (images provided by client)
Description of Follow PinboardsFollow Pinboards
description of Sharing in Communities Sharing in Communities

Linkedin Social Media Marketing

Lead Control Dominate Rule
description of Account CreationAccount Creation
Description of Account Image and Profile SetupAccount Image and Profile Setup
description of Add Relevant ContactsAdd Relevant Contacts
Description of Join Professional Groups Join Professional Groups
description of Sharing in Communities  Sharing in Communities

Other Social Media Marketing

Lead Control Dominate Rule
description of Video Submissions Video Submissions (Videos provided by client)
Description of PPT Submissions (PPT provided by client)PPT Submissions (PPT provided by client)
description of Document Sharing (Documents provided by client)Document Sharing (Documents provided by client)
Description of Image Sharing on FlickrImage Sharing on Flickr (Images provided by client)
description of Social BookmarkingSocial Bookmarking
Description of Stumble Upon PromotionStumble Upon Promotion
description of Scoop.it PromotionScoop.it Promotion
Description of Mashable PromotionMashable Promotion
description of Reddit sharing  Reddit sharing

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