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Power marketing International offers affordable website design starting as low as $399. Our website designs not only looks great, they are functional as well. Our rates are competitive with other website design companies and we strive to be the best. Whether you need a 5 page website or a 1000 page website, our affordable website design will accommodate your needs.

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How to Choose a Website Designer

In todays market you can get a website design from dirt-cheap to outrageously expensive. There are so many website design companies around, where do you start? How do you know what amount to spend? How do you decide what options are best for you? How do you choose a website designer who will understand your wants and needs?

Here at Power Marketing International we understand the confusion that goes with finding a website designer who will suit your needs and create a website design that is perfect for you or your company. Below are a few tips which may help in your search:

  1. Before talking to a website designer have a list of what you need. This list should include:
    1. Name and description of your website or company
    2. What is your goal for the website, example to sell something, to offer a service, to reach out to friends and family etc.
    3. How many pages you will need and what each page is, example about us page, contact us page etc.
    4. What will you need on each page, example images, content, video, shopping cart etc.
    5. What colors, look and feel are you considering
    6. What type of website are you looking for. This may not matter, but it you are looking for a website which you will be able to edit yourself later, you will need to let the website designer know.
  1. Go over this list with the website designer and get a feel to the response you will get from him or her. Has he or she answered all your questions? Does he or she understand all your concerns and where you are coming from? Does he or she have good advice and/or suggestions for you?
  1. Once you have worked through the above and you are happy with the results, ask the website designer to make sure to itemize things in his or her proposal. Some website designers already do this, however a lot will just give you one price for the entire project. If you can get the pricing itemized you can then adjust things more to your budget. Example if a proposal comes back higher than your budget, you can take some things off, which you can always add later, and target closer to your budget. If the proposal comes in under your budget then perhaps you could add some features, which you would like or just be happy it came in under your budget and that you will save some money.
  1. Please note: I do not suggest you giving the website designer your budget target before you get a quote as some website designers may come right in your target area knowing it, and the quote might have been lower if they didn’t know it. If you get the proposal and it is over your budget and there really isn’t anything you want to take off, you can then give the web designer your budget target and he or she may be willing to work with you the best they can.
  1. Last but not least, go with your gut instincts. There is not one website designer for everyone, but I assure you there is one out there for you. Have faith in your gut feelings and if the first one you talk to does not seem right just try again. With patience you can find the perfect website designer to suit all your website design needs.

If you are interested in speaking with a website designer at Power Marketing International, contact us today for a FREE quote, and see if we can help you make your dreams come true!

5 Page Website for only $399



We offer a beautifully designed and functional 5 page website for only $399. This will include the following services:

  1. Crisp, clean, functional design customized for your needs
  2. Home page with full navigational system, branding information and content.
  3. Up to 10 images
  4. Contact page with working contact form

The following will be required from the client:

  1. All written content must be edited and provided in a digital format.
  2. All images must be provided in digital format in the following file extensions only – .jpg, .png or .gif
  3. Logo must be supplied in digital format in the following file extensions only - .ai, .esp, or .png (only if background is transparent)

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